My Juggling Act

From staying up late to do homework to getting up early for horse shows, I often get asked how I am able to balance school and horses. Ever since I was a younger girl, I was able to learn the benefits of strategizing and prioritizing each aspect of school and riding. I learned that I can’t get everything done at once, and I must make a schedule that is both achievable and successful.

Showing horses and keeping my grades up in school is definitely no easy task. Horse showing has taught me time-management. For example, while I’m at a horse show and waiting for my class, I do homework. Also, I use extra time in class to get assignments done, or even look over the reining pattern I have to run the next day.

Many of my friends are in sports and tell me that my riding takes up way more time than their sporting activities do. Additionally, sports don’t require stall cleaning, caring for another athlete, and the many other activities that come with horse showing. All of the maintenance and care for the horses take up the most of my time.

Even though at times it can be rough balancing everything out, I wouldn’t trade the horse-show life for anything. It has made me who I am and has taught me so much about the real world around me.

 What tips can you share for balancing school (or work) with horses? Share them in the comments below, or email them to with MEGAN’S BLOG in the subject line.

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