July 2009 Horse & Rider: Your Sneak Peek

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If you don't have it already, this will be the next issue of Horse & Rider to appear in your mailbox or at your favorite magazine vendor locale.

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"De-Spook Training" is a photo how-to on desensitization--great for beginners, and always a good visual refresher for everyone else...you know how those groundwork holes always seem to show up under saddle eventually!

* "Your Next New Horse" offers tips and strategies for avoiding bad buys in horses. There are a lot of seemingly good deals on horses out there right now, but--as we all know--a free or low-priced horse isn't always the right choice in the long run.

* "40 Hot Ideas for Your Bucket List" is a fun-read round-up of the horse activities our staff and readers hope to experience before their buckets get kicked.

* Team H&R's newest member, Julie Goodnight, kicks off her new Confidence Boosters series.

Just a few of the highlights from an issue I hope you'll enjoy and learn from.

Good advice, that you can trust...that's our mission. (See my previous post on for a personal experience with exactly that!)