Just About Done With August's H&R Issue

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With the last elusive chunk of copy nailed down, and the final loose ends to tie up tomorrow, August's H&R issue is just about out our collective door and ?on to the printer.

This makes for an interesting moment of pause--one that doesn't last long. The ball's already in play for the September issue, and we're well into thinking about holiday-related topics.

As for August, it has this as a mix of cover stories:

* Fear: How Men and Women Differ

* Baby Talk: Pre-School Lessons for Your Weanling

* How To: Select a Curb Bit, Ride A Spin, Be a Bolder Rider

* Can Your Horse Life Make Your Living? Four Families Say Yes

You'll see the final package about 30 days from now. In the meantime, be on the lookout for July!