Just Arrived--March '09 Horse&Rider

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Just to prove that time does fly...it doesn't seem that long ago that I was uploading the cover of a few February issue, and now, it's already time to sneak-peek you on the next one, dated March 2009.

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This latest issue has all kinds of useful hands-on how-to material in it.

* The trailer-loading article is from John Lyons, whose loading techniques have worked for me with even the most spoiled bad loader.

* The cover horse, Parrs Lucky Money, models one of several ways to do up a forelock for the show ring--covered inside.

* Clinton Anderson shows how to introduce a horse to sidepassing--a basic, but supremely useful maneuver for just getting a horse better-broke.

* Al Dunning returns with another installment of "How's My Riding?" and critiques a reader's horseback photo.

* Bob Avila takes on the topic of young trainers and how they can rise to the challenge of becoming better horsemen.

* Multiple experts explain the art of using reward for training, as opposed to negative reinforcement.

* My column takes up a subject we've already discussed here: The apparent decline in participation in backcountry horse recreation. I'll be interested to see how the magazine audience at large responds to that topic.

And of course, I'm ALWAYS interested in getting your first impressions after a look at our latest cover. So, let's hear 'em!