If you’ve been following our Facebook page, you know how excited we are that Mr Montana Nic, our September cover horse, is competing in the reining at WEG. Today, while walking to the reining arena (a serious hike from the rest of the grounds, but a gorgeous building), I had the pleasure of meeting Ericka Smith, Mr Montana Nic’s owner.

Ericka bought “Montana” at last year’s NRHA Futurity sale. The now-12-year-old stallion hadn’t been shown for four years. That meant he and Ericka had something in common?she too had taken a break from showing to to be with heryoung daughter. The pair obviously hit it off, because they’ve been competing with great success in NRHA rookie and non-pro classes.

As for the future, Ericka has two horses sired by Montana entered in the NRHA Futurity, and she has big plans for Montana’s ongoing career as a stud.

I felt really lucky to run into Ericka and her family?you never know whom you’ll meet on these kinds of trips!

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