Last Chance to Send Horsey Wish List To Santa!

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With Christmas only a week away, time's running out for you to get your horsey wish list to good ol' Santa. This is a little-known fact to most of you blogophiles, but the Great One's practically my neighbor--I happen to live within an easy drive of Santa, Idaho, where I figure he must do at least a stopover as he's driving that reindeer team all around the world.

So what I'm thinking is that if you'd like to post your wish list here, I could get it at least as far as ZIP code 83866. And, to be on the safe side, you might want to "accidentally" leave your computer open to the comments page for this post. Santa has those elves who are also known as Husbands, and a lot of those are solely in need of inspiration at this point of the holiday shopping cycle.

This may be outside Santa's ability to grant, but my Number 1 wish is for Tiffany to heal up from her surgery and be sound. Beyond that, Santa could choose between:

* A year's supply of Cowboy Magic detangler (which I go through like crazy, cuz it's such great stuff for manes and tails).

* An awning and small generator for the horse trailer.

* A few truckloads of new sand for the riding arena.

* A Bob's Western saddle (used would be fine...).

Earlier, in the December issue of Horse & Rider, I asked Santa for a pack trip for me and invited guests, with my favorite Idaho outfitter. And he delivered! For a tantalizing look at what the friends and I will be up to next September, visit

OK--let's see those Santa lists!