Last Segment on Beasley the Wonder Horse!

By Laura Downey, Editorial Intern

Earlier this week you met our Fan of the Month, June Evers, and her memorable horse, Beasley. You learned how they came together. Today, learn about what they like to do together, and why Beasley is such a Wonder Horse.

Posing for the camera!

What is your favorite memory/experience with Beasley?

My favorite memory is trail riding. I’m such an idiot trail rider and would get lost over and over and over again even in this one same park. Then I would start to panic. Now, let me preface, since I have had this horse since he was 18 months, we are so connected…(I don’t want to sound wacky but…) he knows when I panic, he can almost read my mind. So one day I was lost yet again. When I would get lost, you could almost feel Beasley saying, “Oh for God’s sake woman!” Well, this one time, I got extremely lost in this 7000 acre park. I was panicking in my mind, my stomach in knots and thoughts of camping out overnight so a ranger can find me the next morning in the fetal position crying while the horse rolls his eyes at me.

Well that day, Beasley literally grabbed the bit in his teeth, jerked the reins out of my hands and started crashing through the woods at a walk. I literally had my hands in front of my face, pushing branches away, screaming and yelling like a panicked person and then all of a sudden we poke our heads out of the woods and there was the trail to the trailer. I don’t know how this horse always knew the way back to the trailer. The interesting thing is that at this other park which I knew better than him, he was the one to get lost. I could then feel him relinquishing control to me to get him back to the trailer. So he is a very smart horse.

What is your greatest accomplishment thus far in your career?

I’d like to say it was jumping the 7-foot Puissance wall at the Garden or something like that, but?I have to say it is probably my business, Horse Hollow Press. It is 21 years in business, and we’ve made it through one of the toughest economies since 1929. It gives me an opportunity to work with horses and think creatively about horses everyday even though I’m not a professional trainer or a horse-boarding operation. I do have to thank Beasley. He does stimulate my creativity with his antics, and we use his image on a variety of products.? I use his image on fridge magnets, buttons, within books, on greeting cards, etc. He’s photogenic but also can photograph incredibly different from picture to picture so sometimes, he looks like a completely different horse. Many of the ideas for sayings for our bumper stickers and fridge magnets are created because of working with Beasley everyday.

Beasley’s Winning Photo! | Photo by Nicki McManus

Why is Beasley such a Wonder Horse?

Beasley is a wonder horse because he stimulates my creativity…Arh, arh! No, but he is a wonder because he is so filled with personality. I do a Facebook page called Beasley the Wonder Horse and all that pours out of me simply by looking at the horse and interpreting. I’ve never had a horse that exudes this much charisma and personality.

What inspired his costume in your winning photo?

Actually the photo is from the Get Well greeting card we created. See picture (right).?We are going to use the same image for another poster next year.

Who took the picture you entered?

Nicki McManus. She is a professional photographer. We bought the rights for the image however so no worries on using it. I do like to give her credit whenever it is shown.

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