Last Week’s Photo Shoot

By Jennifer Paulson, Managing Editor

On the Western World side, Pat has an expansive open riding area with natural obstacles on which to challenge his horses.

I’d never been to Pagosa Springs, Colorado, until last week when I drove 5-1/2 hours down there to interview Pat and Linda Parelli for upcoming Private Lesson and Problem Solvers installments. Man, was I missing out! While there’s a long stretch of desolate scenery, scorched from the summer’s drought, once I got into Southpark and Pagosa Springs, the view was incredible. (Aside from a haze created by smoke from California’s fires.)

The Parelli place is incomparable to anywhere I’ve been for the magazine. With “Western World” (Pat’s side of the place), “Linda Land” (Linda’s English setup), the educational facilities, and the expanse of land on which to ride, I was in awe. They totally spoiled me, providing numerous places to shoot photos for different topics. (Look for the first with Linda in the November issue.)

A protege takes a jump on the obstacle course.

They’re about to have their annual summit at the Pagosa place, then they’ll load up and haul all their horses and their crew to Ocala, Florida, for the winter. Ask them which place they prefer, and both Linda and Pat offer the same answer, “I love Colorado in the summer and Florida in the winter.” It really is a pretty ideal situation!

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