Let's Hear Your Winter Coping Tips

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I'm writing this as a winter wind howls past the house and barn, pushing snow into drifts and dropping the "feels like..." temperature down to a bone-chilling number. It's one of those times that put new meaning into the phrase, "time to go outside and do the chores."

Which gets me thinking about the topic of wintertime coping skills for those of us who (A) choose to have horses, and (B) do so in less-than-ideal winter climates. A few things I'd hate to be without:

* heated waterers, so I don't have to break ice
* a good supply of insulated, lidded mugs, so I can keep sip warm tea while I'm outside
* fleece-lined ski pants
* my dad's old goosedown coat (must be 30 years old, and still as snugly warm as ever)
* good lighting sources, inside and outside the barn (bad enough to be out in the cold, but 10 times worse to have it be dark as well)

What would you add to the list?