Meet Chrissy Pickering?H&R Fan of the Month

By Laura Downey

Chrissy Pickering is a 20-year- old from Jefferson Hills, PA, not far from Pittsburgh. She spends her weekdays attending Sanford Brown Institute, where she is training to become a vet tech. She hopes to someday work with large animals and to own her own boarding stable. Her dedication in the classroom is rivaled by her commitment to success in the ring. Chrissy and her horse Shorty make an unbeatable pair. Find out the secrets to Chrissy’s success as she tells us about Shorty and her riding during the next few days in our Fan of the Month interview.

What are the registered name and bloodlines of the horse in the photo?


His registered name is Mayday Assured.

What is his barn name and how old is he?

He is known around the barn as Shorty because he wasn’t very tall when I got him. He is 12 years old, but sometimes he still acts like a 3-year-old.

How did you come to own/ride your horse?

A friend of the family, Ray Riggs, worked at a local stable where Shorty was kept. So, Ray and his wife, Beverly, brought me over to try him out and we clicked. Ever since then we have been inseparable.

What are your goals for yourself and your horse?

Having an eventful show season and qualifying for the IBRA National Finals for the fourth year in a row.

What do you and your horse do for fun?

We go on long trail rides and compete at weekend shows for relaxation and play ground games in the arena.

Learn more about Chrissy and Shorty tomorrow in the second part of our interview!

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