Meet Facebook Fan of the Month Carolyn Cieciwa

Carolyn Cieciwa is a 23-year-old from Laingsburg, MI. She attended? Michigan State University and now works for a real estate development company in Lansing, MI. Carolyn loves to spend time with her trail buddy, Jazz, whether it is hitting the trails or simply giving her a good groom.? Carolyn is also our first Fan of the Month to win using a video! Find out what makes this winning pair a great duo, and what their plans are next, in our Facebook Fan of the Month Interview series.

Take a look at Carolyn’s winning video.

Is your horse registered? If so, how is she bred?
She is not registered, but if I had to guess, I would probably expect Quarter Horse and Thoroughbred to be her most prevalent breeds based on her body conformation and temperament.

What is her barn name and how old is your horse?

Jazz is her barn name and she is 23 years old.

How did you come to own/ride her and how long have you owned her?

My uncle owned her before me, and when he got a new horse I got to keep her. However, prior to my uncle owning her we ended up finding her randomly. My aunt owns a boarding business and she was talking to a prospective boarder on the phone in a shoe store. The lady working in the store overheard her talking about horses and asked her if she knew anyone who wanted a horse. My uncle was in the market for a new horse, so they went and looked at her. They decided someone had to have her even if she wasn’t the perfect fit for him at the time. He owned her for a few years before he got a new horse. I have owned her for 9 years now – thanks to my grandma who helped make that possible!

Carolyn and Jazz

What is your horse’s personality like?
My aunt and I always joke that horses have their owner’s personalities so we have no one to blame but ourselves if they get into trouble or are doing something we really like! Jazz is extremely competitive, feisty, full of energy, a fearless leader on the trail and in the herd, and at times she can have an attitude … just because she can. When walking up to her in the pasture she will most often turn and walk away for a few strides and then turn and face you because she really wants you to spend time with her, but she won’t be the first to give in. We all know it’s just an act and it’s really not fooling anyone!

What is your horse’s favorite treat?
She will eat just about everything any other horse will enjoy?a handful of grain, apples, carrots, etc. But her LEAST favorite treats are peppermints. She will spit them out. Sometimes people at the barn that don’t know her well will ask if they can give her one and I will tell them they are welcome to try, but she doesn’t like them and will spit them out?it’s always a good laugh!

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