Meet Megan

If you’re a regular reader of Horse&Rider, you might recognize the name of our new blogger.

Megan with one of her horses, Willow.

Nope, she’s not one of our contributing editors or a freelancer we commission to write features for the magazine. But she regularly submits items for our reader-contributed departments, such as “We Hear You”, “You Said It”, and “Your Stories.”

Meet Megan D’Andrea, a 17-year-old rider from Ohio. You can learn a lot about her horse activities here, in her “Your Stories” from the October 2014 issue.

So why did we pick Megan to blog for us? Megan is the poster child for involvement with horses. She’s spent her youth putting herself out there, taking on projects other kids shy away from, and doing her best to get the most out of her horse life. And she’s succeeded–and even earned money toward college in the process.

Megan will post about twice a month about what she’s doing with her horses; new activities she’s trying; and what it’s like to be a teen who eats, breathes, and sleeps horses. (Hence the title of her blog: “Eat. Sleep. RIDE.”)

Megan’s first post will go up tomorrow, so be sure to look for it. And tell any of the horse-crazy kids you know to check in on Megan, too. She just might inspire them to try something new with their horses.

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