Meeting & Mingling at the Idaho Horse Affair

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Why take the time to go to a horse expo, as I did over the weekend?

Because it's fun!

It's fun to see people come out to enjoy an event that is all about horses. It's fun to see well-known trainers and clinicians showing what they can do. It's also fun to explore the shopping opportunities offered by various horse-world vendors.

I had a good time meeting two of the Team Horse&Rider members, Julie Goodnight and Stacy Westfall. Stacy seemed to really pack 'em in for her arena presentations; unfortunately, I wasn't able to get a sharp photo of her as I watched from the grandstand area.

But I did manage to get a cute one of Julie Goodnight with a young fan who shyly approached to ask for her autograph.

How many of us could have been this starstruck, horse-crazy girl at some point in our lives? I sure could have....

If there is any kind of horse expo coming up in your area, I recommend that you attend. You'll get a lot of entertainment and education for the price of a day's admission, and you'll get home all fired up again about your own activities with horses.