Mikey Goes To Visit "Our" Blind Horse at Shiloh!

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Mikey (see previous post) went to Shiloh this past weekend to visit "our" blind horse, now named Keller (after Helen Keller), and has a report and pictures posted to her blog, "The Horseshoeing Housewife."

She even made a carrot cake for Keller and the other sightless rescue horses she shares it with. And how touching is this...Mikey's little girl, Mercy, gave a $10 donation to Shiloh from funds she raised doing odd jobs and extra chores. (Reminder to self: Get check to Shiloh into the mail.)

Just one little heads-up about Mikey's report-post from Shiloh: It starts out with a bit of a snake story, with photos. Mikey lives in Arizona, and there are some rattlers in those parts. Be prepared for a look at a big one!