Miscellaneous Thoughts on a Friday (the 13th)

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No big theme or topic today (the previous topic would be fairly hard to top in the "big" department). Just some tidbitted items as they cross my mind this morning:

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* The best thing about being in the horse world is its sense of community, and the circle of friends you earn. With horse people, empathy is never in short supply.

* For an example of what friends and empathetic treatment can mean to someone, read Comment #20 in the Over the Bridge post. It's from a friend most of you didn't know you were helping with the comments of your own.

* Among the personal-touch treasures I will keep with Tank's halter and lock of tail hair: A handwritten sympathy card from a staff member at AQHA, who read about Tank's last day on the blog.

* The chance to know a particular horse, all the way through to the end of a long life, is one of life's great gifts. It carries a big price, but no question that it's worth it.

* Perhaps, with the state of the horse economy and market as it's become, more owners will end up getting to have that experience. I'm picking up on a big attitude shift where horses are concerned, and it involves people's seeing them in a less commoditized way than throughout the rest of the horse's domesticated history.

* When I was growing up, keeping a horse around until it died of old age was not a common thing. Prevailing attitudes about animals were different then. But, the resale value of horses--any horses--was different then, too.

* Happy birthday, Dad. You know that big red dun gelding that came loping in a week ago? Throw a saddle on him and go rope a few steers. You'll have a ball. Rick and I guarantee it.