More Baby Boomer Nostalgia (Fury and Joey)

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Today seems to be the day for the universe to be sending out horse-nostalgia vibes for us baby boomers.

No sooner did I find out about the impending closure of the Roy Rogers-Dale Evans Museum (see previous post), I opened an email to find this link to history of another TV favorite for kids of my generation--the show about Fury, the black stallion.

This was yet another TV show, featuring horses, that imprinted virtually every TV-owning family with children in a certain era. In the days of only three mainstream television networks, just about all Saturday morning programming was geared toward youth-age viewers (the better to sell cereal and the like), and the majority of shows were some variety of horse opera with kid appeal.

There was the Roy Rogers Show, with Dale, Trigger, Buttermilk, and Bullet, the dog.

There was the show with Fury and Joey, and Jim, at the Broken Wheel Ranch.

There was the Lone Ranger and Tonto, with Silver and Scout.

There was the Hopalong Cassidy Show. And the Sky King Show, about the cowboy with an airplane.?

And others some of you will no doubt wish to chime in and add.

This programming, in an era when media influences were so much more concentrated (and thus more universal than today), stands tall as one of the greatest PR campaigns the horse world ever knew. Its influence on people of a certain generation has helped fuel and support much of the horse industry's base for, what--half a century now?

But as the impending closure of Roy's museum underscores, the fuel source is not endless.

I consider myself to be among a blessed demographic, just to have experienced the Saturday a.m., horses-on-TV phenomenon that seemed so everyday-normal when I was a kid.

But eras do end, sometimes underscored by events that become historic markers--and I can't help but wonder if the closure of the Roy Rogers-Dale Evans Museum isn't one of those markers.

Your thoughts?