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I have read with great interest the responses to my previous post on downsizing our personal horse numbers. The responses make it plain that there is more than one way to look at determining the optimal number of horses for one's situation. Thanks for the feedback--hope to get more of it.

I've sold a horse since making that post, and would like to sell at least one more before winter. That'd leave me with three head of my own to support, and a boarder or two to take care of. That's still plenty of horses for one couple (fulltime-job types, no less) to be responsible for. I didn't breed my broodmare this year, so there won't be an automatic herd increase come spring.

A sidenote on the horse I just sold: The horse in question generated considerable interest while she was on the market, but the majority of inquirers wanted to trade, not buy outright. Horse trading is an age-old activity, but I have to say that I've never had as many want-to-trade inquiries on a horse as I did over the past few months.

Any thoughts on that?

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