Moving Time…Again!

We’ve only spent about three months on Main Street in Louisville, Colorado, but we’ve become quite attached to the quaint town. It’s no wonder that it was named the No. 1 best small town to live in by Money Magazine. But tomorrow we’ll be packing our boxes (art director Adam will be repacking, after making the move with the magazine from Lake Dallas) and heading to Boulder. Don’t get me wrong?Boulder is a great place, but we’ll miss small-town Louisville and the coffee and gelato shops that are just a staircase away.

When we get setup in our new digs, we’ll be sharing office space not only with fellow AIM Equine Network magazine American Cowboy, but also Backpacker, Urban Climber, and Climbingmagazines. We hope to learn a lot from our peers in the new office?no doubt we could use some of their outdoorsy tips on our next camping trip with our horses!

And while you’re probably kicking back with the August issue of H&R (isn’t cover horse Hick A Shine such a cutie?), we’re in a deadline frenzy to finish up the September issue amid all the boxes, dust bunnies, and packing tape.

I’m sure we’ll have some moving bloopers (hopefully not deadline bloopers) to share once we get settled in. Until then, enjoy your August issue, and get to work on those lead changes with Mike Boyle’s tips on page 72!

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