My Favorite H&R Issue of the Year So Far!

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Here's your sneak peek of the October 09 issue of Horse & Rider, which goes on sale and out into the mail next week. This one has many good things going for it--my favorite of the year so far.

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Of course, you readers will be the ultimate judges, so here are some of the items you can evaluate/comment on if you so choose:

* Founder Factors: New findings on the link between founder (laminitis), Cushing's disease, and high-carbohydrate diets for horses. I was beginning to suspect Cushing's in Miss Rose before she passed on earlier this summer and could have used the article's information had she lived.

* Avila's Insights: Bob Avila weighs in on his thoughts for what the horse industry will be like after the breeding shakedown that's been underway with a vengeance the last two or three years.

* Grooming Goods: We tapped readers and members of Team H&R for their gotta-have grooming products and tools. This is full of good tip-offs on items you might not know about--all our editors learned a thing or two from this story, and I think you will too.

* How Training Works: This is a MOST informative story, excerpted from a new book by Sean Patrick, on how horses learn, and how we as trainers can influence their learning. It takes much of the mystery out of training a horse!

* Shoot A Horse: This story asks the question, could you do it if you HAD to--and would you know how? It provides information that I happen to believe every horse owner should have on hand....because you just never know when you might be called upon to relieve suffering RIGHT NOW, in a case where no vet were available to put a horse out of its misery.

There's a lot more in this issue, so be watching for it to arrive. And of course, feel free to comment on what you see so far!