My Horses, Your Horses

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I'm looking out the window at my little herd du jour (around here, the faces change with some regularity, as my sale projects come and go), and thought it might be fun for us to exchange details about our critters. So here's my roster:

* Riley, 2003 sorrel Quarter Horse gelding registered as All American Choice. I bought him as a weanling, showed him at halter as a yearling (have the trophy buckles to prove it), and have been working on his riding skills ever since. He's had some downtime this year, after a soft-tissue injury, but appears to have recovered and will be going back into training Dec. 1.

* Gussie, 1991 gray Quarter Horse broodmare, real name Gust A Gray. Gussie's had three foals for us--one in each of the years we've owned her, and all of them gray, like her. We left her open for 2008, due to the depressed horse market, and stlll haven't decided where to go from here. She may just get to retire and become a fulltime pasture ornament.

* Tiffany, 2007 gray Quarter Horse filly, registration pending but hoping to get The Perfect Option as her name. (Sire is named Absolute Option, dam is the mare named above). She's our favorite of the babies we've raised, and we're enjoying the chance to see her grow and develop.

* Tank, 1979 dun Quarter Horse gelding, also known as Dunnys Wimpy--except no one but AQHA ever calls him that. Tank was given to us a few years ago by the rodeo cowboy who'd used him as a rope horse for ages; he wanted to retire him from the rodeo life as a reward for his great service. The old guy still pulls the occasional trail ride or colt-ponying job, but mostly he acts as big uncle to the foals, and as Gussie's pasture pal.

And, though he's no longer ours (we sold him to a friend), we also have custody of Beau (Zipalong Cassidy), a 2001 chestnut roan Appaloosa gelding who serves as a nonpro show horse.

We've had as many as 12 horses on the place, so five seems like a much smaller--and more manageable--number of horses to care for.

OK--your turn!