My Ride

While I grew up riding hunter/jumper, I was introduced to western riding by my then boyfriend, now fiance, while attending Texas A&M University. I purchased my first horse, Stetson, (the red dun above), and many a college afternoon was spent with friends, meeting up after class and hitting the trails in the Texas heat. I graduated with a bachelors degree in English in 2006 and also received a masters degree in Agricultural Communications. My goal: to combine my love of writing with my life-long passion for horses.

I was eager for experience and during my graduate program, I packed my bags (and my horse, and my dog, AND my cat) and headed for Amarillo, TX where I interned for five months at the phenomenal American Quarter Horse Association (in front of the museum, above), writing for America’s Horse and The American Quarter Horse Journal. I picked up loads of journalistic experience (and a little roping skills too) and broadened my recreational riding horizons by exploring the ever-burgeoning QH show world.

At the end of my internship, I tossed my hat in the ring for a spot at H&R as editorial coordinator, and was thrilled to land the spot. So once more, I packed up my crew and relocated, this time to north Dallas. The rest is history in the making. I continue to grow as a horse woman and a journalist thanks to my opportunities at H&R.

With that introduction out the way, we hope to continue to share glimpses of our wild ride at H&R. What would you like to know about life behind the scenes at H&R? What’s it like produce a photo shoot? Is Clinton Anderson really that cute in person? (Yes!) Let us know, and we’ll provide the scoop.

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