Need Help From You! Shoe $$$

OK, so this post isn’t exactly about what it’s like to work at H&R (forgive me please), but we need help with a little “research” project we’re doing. We would love (are actually begging) for feedback from readers around the country.?

How much (on average) do you pay a farrier for a basic trim and four basic store-bought shoes??

Please tell us what type of riding you do (or other activities with your horse) and what state you live in.

Thanks a million guys! Erin and I really, really would appreciate your input. Hope everyone has a fab Labor Day weekend. And I promise, next week Erin and I have some hysterical tales from the latest photo shoot we did at Charlie Cole’s awesome ranch a few weeks ago. Let’s just say you’re going to be rather surprised at his latest “boarders.”?

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