New Western Dressage Venture

The Western dressage sensation is sweeping the equine world and becoming less of a “huh?” and more of an “oh yeah!” for all levels of riders. We’ve covered it in Horse&Rider, including this instructional piece with Al Dunning and reviewing Al’s DVD with renowned trainer Lynn Palm. We’ve even got a “Have You Tried?” piece in the works about Western dressage for the July issue.

Now the Western Dressage Association of America has partnered with to develop an online community of Western dressage enthusiasts to share tips, learn from experts, and even submit video for critique by trainer and clinician Barbara Long. Their goal is to remove the barriers to education such as distance and trailering to a facility. We covered other training options like this in our “Trainer on Demand” feature in the March 2012 issue.

We have two questions for you:

1.) How do you plan to participate in the Western dressage movement?

2.) Do you use any online riding tutorials?

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