Off Topic: Thinking About Michael Jackson

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By now, the entire planet knows that entertainer Michael Jackson died yesterday at age 50. That was the nature of his fame--worldwide.

I once nicknamed a horse after him--Jackson--because like Michael, my Jackson had a glove (a single white sock) on his left front.

This morning, I was reminiscing with Ed about seeing MJ's breakout young-adult performance, in which he debuted the moonwalk. The occasion was the Motown 25th anniversary TV special at the Apollo Theater in New York, in the early 1980s. Nobody had ever seen anything remotely like it, and it created a sensation.

At the time, I worked at a popular Northwest equine publication called The Lariat. We all came to work the next morning and spent most of it talking about what we'd seen on television the night before. It'd take another 20-some years before the YouTube phenomenon would make that performance readily available.

Here it is.