I’m extremely pleased with how much the olive oil helped my saddle. I never knew it could look so nice!

One of the tasks I assigned myself for the holiday weekend was to clean out my storage shed. In the haste of moving, I’d tossed most of the empty boxes and my tack in there haphazardly, and I knew it was time to tackle the job.

It’s a good thing I decided to venture into “the abyss,” because I’d completely forgotten that my saddle rack broke on the trip to Colorado. I found my saddle sitting horn-down on the floor.

Which sent me to my local ranch and home store for a new saddle rack.

Once I got the saddle placed on the rack, I noticed how dirty it was. I promptly got myself some damp paper towels and a bottle of olive oil, then set to work. I even made sure to clean all the saddle rigging. By the end of the afternoon, I had a spotless storage closet, a new saddle rack, and an (almost) shiny saddle!

Taking care of my old saddle also got me thinking. I’ve mentioned before that when you’re a horseless horse-crazy girl, you have to find a way to get that horsey fix. Cleaning my saddle, seeing horsehair twined with my cinch, and smelling that leather smell made me remember what it’s like to feel like an equestrian, but it wasn’t quite enough.

But I think I found something that will help take me one step closer. Yesterday, when I was perusing my Denver Post classifieds, I found a local organization that has horses for adoption and lease–and they also take volunteers. I know what I’m going to be doing next weekend!

What are some ways you’ve gotten that horsey fix when you couldn’t be around your favorite equines?

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