On This Week's Work Docket at Horse & Rider

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Now that the fireworks holiday has come and gone, the Horse & Rider crew is back at it, working on projects for the magazine and its online extensions.

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On the group's To-Do list for this week:

* Shoot photos for a Buywise article on how to choose horse blankets to solve real-life situations. (Example: You have a job, or go to school, and can't be there to change your horse's blanket when the weather changes drastically. What kind of blanket will cover this special need as well as your horse?)

* Write a step-by-step how-to feature on an exercise for improving a Western pleasure jog.

* Create the next installment of Conformation Clinic (the one regular?department that's been running in H&R through one decade to the next, because readers have always loved it).

* Assemble a feature that covers tips for taking photos that flatter your horse.

* Finalize the cover for September's issue.

* Assign more photos and stories to come! (The photo here is by Alana Harrison, H&R managing editor.)