One of Many Riders Blessed by Good Old Tank

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Thank you to all who have posted such lovely supportive comments about Tank, our 30-year-old horse whose euthanasia will be tomorrow. I appreciate them extra-extra-much as I weep my way through the waiting.

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In his competitive years, Tank and his earlier owner had rivals--rodeo ropers who had good reason to wish the big handsome dun had been left at home.

But in his second career, as our resident guest horse, Tank made nothing but friends. He gave everyone who rode him, from little kids on up to the most experienced riders, a safe, willing, uncomplicated, but big-horsepower ride. And they loved him for it. (So did we.)

In the riding picture, taken last summer, he's with Katharine B., on the annual benefit ride for the Appaloosa Museum & Heritage Center. Katharine is among the Friends of Tank who've been coming by the ranch to see him now, and say their goodbyes. She was here this afternoon with pats and carrots (top picture).

I wish that everyone who yearns to experience riding an exceptional horse could have a ride on a horse like Tank. The world would have a lot more big smiles.

Just like the one Katharine has from the saddle. Not much in the way of smiles today, but I know she was reliving her Tank memories.

Me, too.