When Opportunity Knocks

I grew up within the equine industry, but when I was a junior in high school, I decided that when I entered adulthood, I would be a history teacher. I love history, I always have. In 4th grade I was that kid reading books on military history. So, I went to Colorado State University, gained my degree, and was hired at a school when I was only 20 years old. After 9 years in the classroom, I received my master’s degree and became a school counselor at the same school where I had been a teacher.

However, I still yearned to do something in the equine and western industry. When the digital content producer position became available at Horse&Rider, I couldn’t resist the opportunity to apply. Now, finishing up a wonderful first week, I am thrilled at the direction that life has taken me. It still feels a little bit surreal to be working here!

Raised on the Back of a Horse

I grew up on a small, family ranch in Northern Colorado. My dad was a team roper that traveled around to jackpots and circuit rodeos. Memories of warming up his horse under arena lights remain some of my favorite from childhood.

He wasted no time getting his kids in the saddle, and I started competing in the Colorado Junior Rodeo Association (CJRA) at the age of 5, in the peewee division.

A Change in Discipline

Before long, dad’s good heel horse became a jam up barrel and pole horse. I competed in High School Rodeo and continued to run at jackpots and amateur rodeos during college and beyond.

After breaking my back in 2019 while running barrels, I decided to switch up disciplines. I started showing in ranch riding and ranch pleasure and quickly fell in love with it. It is great that I can pull a well-broke ranch horse from the corral, gather cows, and still haul him to town and place in ranch shows.

Dad’s good heeling horse, Lady, quickly became my pole bending horse.

Social Media

In 2020 I began a TikTok account relevant to the equine industry, that quickly grew in follower numbers. I was shocked! My sole reason for starting it, was to relate to my students who seemed obsessed with the app.

Yet, as it grew, I realized that I truly enjoyed the connections that social media offers, and the ability to share my passion for horses and the Western lifestyle.

I began to focus on growing my personal social media pages. Where I share humor and gripes about ranch life, owning horses, as well as some of my Western poetry. I have been incredibly grateful for the opportunities that social media has offered me.


Gathering cows on my friend’s ranch, with my cowpony, “Carl.”

Next Chapter

I continue to train and show ranch horses and am planning my entrance back into barrel racing soon. I am honored to be presented this opportunity, and excited to work with H&R.

Teddy Roosevelt famously said, “I am a part of everything that I have read.”  I am tickled to now officially be a part of the publication that I read in bed as a child, sneaking a flashlight to continue reading long after lights were supposed to be out.

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