We Practice What We Preach

As we editors sit down each month to write our columns, departments, and features; consult with industry experts; and plan to attend events in the months ahead, we do so with you in mind. We’re invested in you and your horsemanship, and that’s why we’re also willing to go in the trenches with you. We practice what we preach so we can better relate to you, with the hopes of providing even better content and insight.

Everyone on staff owns horses, and in different stages of our lives has ridden competitively. But, like many of you, time, money, and life get in the way of pursuing our riding hobby as we once did. We also understand that it’s uncomfortable to put yourself out there and try a new event or discipline, attend a clinic, or show up to compete when you’ve been out of the game for awhile.

That’s why this year, I’m making it my mission to embrace the uncomfortable as I explore new horse-related activities with my long time horse friend Chexy. Together we’ll attend clinics, jackpots, and play-day events. I’ll write about the experience in a July issue feature, and share my insight (and embarrassing stories) with the hope that I’ll inspire you to embark on a new adventure.

Our quest kicks off tomorrow with an all-day ranch-riding clinic. We’ve covered the event at shows, and have read and written about it, but we’ve never tested our own riding chops. Follow us on Instagram where we’ll be sharing clinic-prep photos and video throughout the day. If you have any burning questions about the event that you’d like answered by trainers Mark Guynn, Dori Schwartzenberger, or Shane Brown, email me at the address below. I’m happy to put myself on the spot to help you!

Next weekend, March 5, we’ll participate in a ranch sorting clinic and RSNC-sanctioned, beginner’s-only jackpot at Colorado State University’s arena in Fort Collins, Colorado. If you remember, last summer US Rider’s marketing coordinator Lindsey and I took A Stab At Ranch Sorting at a local association’s sorting. We had so much fun that we’re trying it again this year. Chexy and I will compete at several Colorado RSNC events throughout the spring and summer. We’re going for the good time, but it’d be a lie to say that I don’t have my eye on a year-end buckle. Stay tuned for updates and again, email me with your questions before the clinic.

If you’re looking to take your riding on the road for some fun this summer, we encourage you to do so!

Check out some of our favorite articles to get you started:

Email your questions or comments to me at abennett@aimmedia.com, subject line “Fun with Chexy and Lexi.”

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