QuarterFest, Here I Come (Anyone Joining Me?)

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The more I've thought about AQHA's upcoming QuarterFest event, the more intrigued I've become over its concept of bringing horse lovers together for a breed-branding mix of education and fun

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So, even though I live too far away to bring my own horse (kind of a long haul from Idaho to Tennessee), I'm going to attend anyway. And I'm pretty stoked about it, too. Got my airline reservation yesterday, and have fingers crossed that a horse will turn up for me to ride on the Saturday trail ride.

I'll be blogging from the event, so you'll get an inside scoop on how this first QuarterFest celebration turns out.

It'd be even better if you turned up in person so we could meet! The event is set up so you can come with or without your horse.

I know I'll be seeing at least a few familiar faces, would love to add some new ones.

Here's what I look like in my favorite hat, just so you'll be able to spot me!

Dates: May 1-3

Place: Murfreesboro, Tennessee

Info: AQHA.com