Rained Out

We’ve had a pretty crazy monsoon season here in the Denver/Boulder area. Heavy rain storms every night put a damper on after-work activities. Especially riding or doing much of anything outside the barn.

Last night, my sons Leo, age 3, and Joe, 11 weeks, and I had plans to meet with some of our pals (who own Paddycakes) to go ride and play at their arena. Of course, the downpour of rain, booming thunder, and flashing lightning put the kibosh on any riding. Instead, the kids had to settle for playing with Breyer horses, riding a large stuffed horse, and playing chase inside, while the adults caught up over a cold beverage.

Leo was okay with the new plan, but on the way home he cried and lamented not being able to ride Paddycakes or watch the big guys rope–he’d taken a good nap and behaved all day just so he could ride! It reminded me of times when I was small and the complete disappointment I felt when riding plans fell through, whether they were for a junior rodeo, a horse show, or just riding with friends. I guess Leo’s disappointment could be viewed as a positive indicator that the horse-craziness is genetic.

While the rain is making everything incredibly green and decreasing our usual summer fire danger, I sure do hope we get a few clear evenings so Leo and his pal Quincy can go for a ride. I don’t know if I can handle those tears after another rained-out riding playdate!

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