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Sherry Cervi and Clinton Anderson keep watch over the growing stack of equine industry publications we have subscriptions to. As a journalist, I feel it’s part of my job to stay current in the industry I’m a part of. Plus, it’s just plain interesting to know what’s up in the western world of horses. But sometimes, it’s just so darn hard to find the time! In a world where deadlines take priority and the magazine simply has to get out, other things get pushed to the side… and start to stack up (literally in this case!). But, I know how important it is for me and our magazine to keep our collective finger on the pulse of the horse world. So, when a spare moment provides itself (more like: when I force a spare moment into my day), even if it’s just a few minutes, I dive into the nearest breed or discipline pub.

My latest time-splurge was with the NRHA Reiner. Did y’all know about the NRHA’s new entry-level program for 2010? The program will “welcome riders of all levels into the reining arena.” It’s a four-tier program, where you’ll compete with riders of the same skill level. Reduced membership fees will apply, as will selected NRHA membership benefits. Some levels even don’t require ownership or a competition license.

Now, if only the guardian eyes of the Team Horse and Rider members could absorb all the info from the treasure trove of magazines, and provide me with a concise summary….

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