Ready for Inspection: December '09's Horse & Rider

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Horse & Rider's December '09 issue is now out in circulation, and here's a little bit of what's behind this action cover. (The rider is top barrel racer Sherry Cervi on MP Haylook Mike.)

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Sherry provides the article behind Never Go Lame, explaining how ground conditions affect soundness, and how to care for a horse's legs after a ride or run. Great photos go along with this one.

Bob Avila gives examples of what he terms "horse buyers from hell," and gives insights into how they're their own worst enemies when it comes to making a satisfactory purchase. Bet this one raises a few eyebrows.

7 Signs helps you determine whether it's time to change boarding barns. (Any of you facing that very problem right now? It's a common source of angst.)

We also bring you another installment of "In Your Area," this time focusing on the horse scene in the Denver area.

Enjoy, and please share any thoughts or reactions.

Wow--last issue of the year, last issue of the DECADE. (But never fear, we're right back on it--the first issue of 2010 is going to press this very hour!)