Ready for Your Comments: April 09 Horse&Rider

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Here's the cover of H&R's latest issue, April 2009.

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A couple of new things I'll point out:

* The cover horse, Whispering Incognito, is the first Morgan to grace H&R's cover in at least a generation. No grand scheme for why the long drought and why it finally ended, just kind of how things worked out, over a too-long stretch of time for a lovely breed of horse.

* Julie Goodnight becomes an official member of Team H&R in this issue, with some sound advice on how to handle a horse that won't walk when you take him on a ride outside an arena.

* The formula for calculating a horse's "true" age is revealing. I used it for Tank, and learned that he when passed on last month, he was the equivalent of a 102-year-old man!

OK, your turn to say what you think...(rhymes with pink).