Reining In and Saddling Up

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So I'm word-working away yesterday, riding my runaway deadline pony, when a furious barkfest gets me to look up and out into the barnyard.

Yikes! It's farrier day, and I've COMPLETELY forgotten about the the appointment for five horses that are still at large out in the pasture. The poor guy had to sit twiddling his thumbs while I rounded everybody up and got halters on them.

Not the end of the world, ?but a wakeup call to rein in some on the work-related focus that's been occupying most of my brain space lately.

By the time I got back to the house, staff in the other time zones had already gone home to their families. I tidied up a some of the workday's most pressing loose ends, and then went straight back to the barn--where I saddled up my gelding Riley for a chance to try out his new set of handmade shoes.

The deadline pony was still waiting patiently when I got back, no worse for the wait. And the newly shod pony rode great!