"School Pictures" of the Other Horse Kids

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Remember "school pictures day" from back when you were a kid? When your mom got you all dressed up so you could get your picture taken?

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That's kind of what happened this past weekend, when Ed and I managed to get pictures taken of Riley and Tiffany--the two horses we have left at the ranch of our own after the deaths of Tank and Miss Rose.

Both are Quarter Horses. Riley is a 6-year-old sorrel gelding that we have owned since he was about 4 months old. Tiffany is a 2-year-old gray filly that we bred and raised.

"Meet the kids," says their horse mom! They will be Smitty's big brother and sister when he gets here later this summer.

Photos are by Jim Bortvedt, who's been shooting my horses (and other parts of my personal and professional life) for over 20 years. Thanks, Jim!