September 09 Horse&Rider, On Its Way to You!

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In these parts, fall is suddenly in the air, and in everyone's parts, the September 09 issue of Horse & Rider is in the mail and available on newsstands.

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Here's your sneak peek at what's in store in the latest issue from the H&R team.

From my insider's perspective of operating the editor's desk:

* From an injury prevention standpoint, this is a great time of year to walk your pastures and make sure everything is as it needs to be. We'll be replacing some fence boards at our place this weekend.

* The horse-photography article is aimed particularly at getting shots suitable for horse-ad photography. Have we ALL not gone to the horse-selling sites and absolutely cringed at some of the "for sale" photos there? This article will help you get the best shots you can, even if you only intend to use them for personal enjoyment and not to get a horse sold.

* The blanketing article outlines various real-life scenarios for using blankets on horses, and helps pinpoint the features you'd really need if your scenario were similar.

* The piece on riding alone is a followup to a previous article on fun things to do with your horse, at home, and/or without spending much money. Only this one is especially for those who don't have anyone else to ride with.

There's lots more packed into this issue, but I'm going to let you discover all of that on your own. Happy reading, and if you have comments on the cover itself, etc., please contribute!