Show Participation: Help Answer a Reader's Questions

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Here's an excerpt from a Horse&Rider reader email I received over the weekend. I would love to know how you would answer the reader's questions, based on your knowledge of and experiences in your area.

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(If you don't show, perhaps you'd be willing to articulate your reasons. Ditto if you used to show, but don't do so any longer.)

"...I have been meaning to write to H&R for quite some time, regarding the issue of showing and the general lack of interest we seem to be experiencing in our state. Numbers seem to have diminished significantly for all the breed clubs over the years. The days of Quarter Horse shows that boasted 600 entries for a weekend show seem a thing of the past. Is it different in other parts of the country? Better? Worse?"

Love to hear from you on this one.

Thanks to Alana Harrison of H&R for the photo.