Show-Pen Style Tips with Berry Fit’s Polly Vandall

For the pros, planning for each summer’s heavy show season starts a year in advance. And for many, that can mean planning outfits months and months ahead of time.

All of that planning that goes into top-level rider’s attire was obvious as they flawlessly performed Western riding patterns or glided around the ring in the Western pleasure classes at the All American Quarter Horse Congress. After seeing the endless colors of stones and studs in the Coliseum and the Celeste Center at the Congress, I decided to track down the woman behind it all — Polly Vandall, designer for Berry Fit Co., whose own style and class goes into so many of those outfits. 

Here’s what Polly had to say about her experiences in the Western show-clothes design industry, and hear about how she puts together a stunning first impression for competitors in the show ring. 

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