Sigh…Erin’s romantic horse-date saga!

While Erin’s office is an entire three feet from mine, I was on the floor wailing in laughter this morning while reading Part 2 of her horses-included dream date. It sounded like one of those moments in which you either succumb?to crying, or die laughing.?

However, I have to admit I’m a little jealous. My husband is NOT a horse person. While he’s supportive in attending some of my shows and assisting me in photo shoots, horses are definitely not his thing. Our one-and-only ride together was a beach trail ride during a vacation in Padre Island (off the very south tip of Texas). Pre-ride, we were sunbathing on the beach, and I managed to doze off.?

By a stroke of luck I woke up, just in time to get ready to head to the stables on the opposite end of the island. And when I did come to, I looked over at Tread on the beach chase next to me. He was happily sipping a beer, listening to our iPod (and yes, he was wearing a watch). “Uhh, were you just going to let me sleep through our ride?” He tried to look innocent.

Alas, we made it to the stables on time, and I think he had a better time than he let on. He just didn’t want me to leave him, when they allowed some of the more experienced riders lope along the ocean front. I have a photo somewhere…if I ever find it I’ll share. The look on Tread’s face is priceless. But, hey, he was a good sport overall.

So, Erin, consider yourself lucky that at least you and Tanner can share the whole horse “thing.”



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