Sitting Out the Breeding Season?

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If you're among the horse ownes who produce foals, here's a question for you: Did you breed your mare(s) this year, or are you opting to sit out the '07 breeding season?

I'm taking the latter route. Although it'll leave me with a dicey commodity--a broodmare who'll be 18 and empty in 2008--it's a call that my conscience says needs to made. The rest of the U.S. horse industry's producing more than enough foals to go around, so it's not like I'll be depriving the market in any way. And with the volatility of the slaughter situation, plenty of other horses are in need of homes. The next time I feel the desire to bring up a young horse, I doubt I'll have any trouble finding one to buy.

I've made this decision despite having a free breeding to a stallion I really like, and despite the satisfactions of "making my own" when it comes to prospects. It does feel a little weird, knowing that little Tiffany could be the last of Gussie's babies. But even though my ol' gray mare is in heat right now and looking for her next boyfriend, I'm just gonna sit back and enjoy the horses I already have.