Smitty's Big Brother Wins National Title

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Remember back in April, when I fell for the blanketed Appaloosa foal nicknamed Smitty, and just had to have him--even though he was barely a week old?

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It turns out I'm not the only one with an eye for the offspring of An Awesome Secret. Another one of his get, a 2008 model named R Secret Vision, has won the National Champion Yearling Gelding title at the 2009 National Appaloosa Show in Jackson, Mississippi.

This is his victory photo, published with permission from photographer Larry Williams.

I sure wish that Grandpa Smith, after whom Smitty was nicknamed, were here to enjoy this moment in the sun. He'd be busting the buttons right off his Bibb overalls.

Congratulations to Kristine Fasano, owner of R Secret Vision, and to exhibitor Dave Parlier. And, to "big daddy," An Awesome Secret!

Just a bit more evidence that the horse world is a kind of ride, with ups that follow the downs.