Smitty's Field-Testing, Continued

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There's an old saying among horsemen that "your horse is a reflection of you," and Smitty is proving this to be so, so true.

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As I was walking him out in a huge field the other day, I was very pleased with how well he did with the leading lessons he's had in the barn/arena. For the most part, he stayed with my pace, on a lead with slack, and didn't get too eager or anxious. He did what he has been taught, deliberately, to do.

I haven't spent as much time/effort, however, in leading Smitty from the off-side, and this was revealed when I tried a bit of off-side leading out in the field--where there was no defining wall or fence to help with his visual orientation. Instead of going forward with me on his right side, he hesitated and hung back, uncertain of what to do.

Not his fault, but mine, for not giving both sides equal training time. But this, thanks to field testing, is something that's good to know--the better to do a better job at training.