Sneak Peek: Invitation to H&R's Newest Blog

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I often wonder how many people wish they had a job like mine--one where (as I've said for the last 34 years) "you get to talk and think about horses all day and be paid for it." I have a hunch it's quite a few.

Now, thanks to the blogging phenomenon, you'll have the opportunity to find out what it's like to join the field of equine journalism in this day and age.?

Two other Horse&Rider staffers, Erin Sullivan (editorial coordinator) and Alana Harrison (managing editor) have just started a blog of their own, "On Staff at Horse&Rider," in which they'll report on their adventures, observations, deadline challenges, and whatever else they encounter in the nag-magger's daily life.

The "On Staff" blog won't be formally announced to H&R readers until the July issue comes out later this month. But you all get a sneak-peek alert now that the first post is up and ready to read!