Sneak Preview Time: May 09's Horse&Rider

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Here's the cover of May's new Horse&Rider issue, ready for your perusal!

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Although you and other readers will be the ultimate judges, I do have to say that I'm pretty excited about this issue.

For one thing, it contains stories that were produced and photographed on one of my H&R photo-shoot trips from last summer. So I know for real what you'll get to learn in Bob Avila's lead-changes article, for instance, because I was standing at Bob's arena rail as he demo'd for our camera.

I also had a ball touring the place where the Rancho Re-Do article was shot (it's Suzi Vliestra's place, from Hobby Horse Clothing Company!), and can tell you that the trail riding piece comes from a source you might find to be surprising--given that he's known best as a show-horse trainer.

(Any guesses who it is? I don't want to spill all the surprises.)