So Many Interests

In 2012, H&R introduced the “Have You Tried?” section of the Practice Pen department. A few issues later, the section was turned over to me to write.

I’m really glad it was. I’ve had a lot of fun talking with people about such new events like mountain trail competition, saddle-log programs, mounted shooting competition, NATRC competitive trail rides, ACTHA competitive trail challenges, Western dressage, and versatility ranch horse competition.

Only one problem: Now I have a whole host of events I’d like to try once I’m able to buy a horse. So where to start? And how do I find a horse that can do lots of events?

That’s led me to work on an article for the March 2013 issue about finding a good all-around horse.

While the feature focuses on all-around events in the show arena, rather than a recreational all-around horse, I still think it’ll be very useful information for my search.

Are there personality traits that make a horse predisposed to competing successfully in many events? That’s what I’m hoping to discover.

Just out of curiosity: What do you think?

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