Some Equine Eye Candy For You (Me, Too)

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This may look like a mare strolling her foal at the beach, but the "beachfront property" is actually a strip of dry ground on my brother and sister-in-law's farm near Fargo, North Dakota. The body of water is river overflow lapping at the edge of the road into their barnyard, and the foal is the same Appaloosa newcomer from a couple of posts ago.

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Ed and I aren't raising foals at present, so we have to get our foal-fix by enjoying ones raised by others. (Very handy in that regard to have relatives who remain as breeders.)

This little beach bum has been given the barn name of Smitty--because he was born on our Grandpa Smith's birthday, April 2, and because Smitty was Grandpa's nickname.

Cute, cute, cute--by any name at all!