Springing Forward (a Little Too Fast)

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Oops. I think I jumped the gun on spring yesterday.?

Either that, or I just let myself be tricked.

It was such a calm, sunny, and pretty day that after doing some mid-day barn chores, I raked the mulch back from a big garden area--this one in the picture (from last year), to be exact.

This morning, those poor naked bulb tips are being plastered by a surprise late-winter snow blast--one that has even the most intrepid "let me be outdoors!" horse, L.B., seeking shelter in her stall. And I just saw a forecast claiming that we'd have lows in the low teens by next week.

Mother Nature pulls another "gotcha!"

And the irony of it? Today, I am selecting photos for an upcoming H&R article about trail riding in the desert!

(The small consolation in getting an early-March snowstorm: Daylight Savings Time starts this Sunday--the official day to spring forward.)