Springtime in Colorado

We’d scheduled a photo shoot at all-around Quarter Horse trainer Chad Evans’ place yesterday morning. It’s one that we’ve been trying to pull off for at least six weeks, but we keep getting snowed out, mudded out, winded out?Mother Nature hasn’t made it an easily completed task.

If we’d have made the drive to Franktown yesterday morning for the shoot, it would’ve been in a Winter Wonderland. Big, wet snowflakes; wind; WET. Of course, we can’t shoot outside in those conditions.

But today, we’re looking at a high of 70, clear skies, generally perfect weather for a shoot. As luck would have it, Chad is off to judge a show in another state, so we’re foiled, once again. Here’s hoping the forecast of 10 days of clear skies holds true, otherwise Chad and I might think Mother Nature really is against us!

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