Squeeker's Spirit Now Guards the Ranch

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After the loss of our Schipperke, Squeeker McFuzzy (that's him in the picture, enjoying his last bone), we had to find just the right spot to inter him. We chose the place, shaded in summer, where he liked to lie and look out over the ranch's horse pasture and entrance point.

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Squeeker may have been a friendly little guy, but he also took his job as senior pack member quite seriously. No one who didn't have Mr. Squeek's OK ever got past the mailbox without him sounding the alarm.

This will be a good place to plant some ?flowers next spring. Meanwhile, we hung his collar and heart-shaped nametag on the bed frame, and gave him a wreath for the season.

Thinkin' I'm gonna have to have his name put on the bed, too. Cuz this wasn't just any dog.

He was the one and only Squeek Grand Master of the Universe.

Or, our universe, at any rate.